Prospective students

Our lab is looking for prospective students with a passion for organismic biology. Although we use birds as a model species in many of our projects, Rheindt Lab students also work on projects about mammals, turtles, amphibians and insects. We use contemporaneous phylogenomic and population-genomic tools based genome-wide DNA generated through Next-Generation Sequencing – often in conjunction with phenotypic data (biometry, bioacoustics, morphology) – to analyse the evolutionary history and trajectory of our study species. This helps us address important questions regarding the differentiation, speciation, patterns of gene flow and genetic introgression as well as the conservation of our target species.

Students with a fascination for the evolutionary process, or those who are keen to use modern molecular tools to address important questions in conservation, are encouraged to enquire about PhD positions with us. A passion for the field is a bonus but not a prerequisite. A willingness to learn and absorb new computational methods and tools for data analysis is one of the most important assets of successful applicants.

Our lab also entertains the opportunity for research into zoonotic diseases around an urban-fragmented landscape in collaboration with our colleagues at Duke-NUS.

NUS Honours students interested in our lab will be closely embedded in our fieldwork operations across the island of Singapore. A willingness to regularly partake in DNA sampling efforts across the island is an important prerequisite for an Honours project in our lab.